Contributed by TEAM Software

MahlerClean, in Brookfield, Wisconsin, employs over 800 people and maintains 12 million square feet of office, industrial, medical and institutional space in the southeast portion of the state. Following their purchase of MahlerClean in 2017, C-suite executives Pat Sullivan and Adam Brauhn decided to move key functionalities, like outsourced payroll and accounting, in-house.

Luckily, they didn’t need to look far for a solution that would meet all of their needs. MahlerClean had already been using TEAM Software’s WinTeam operations package along with TeamTime, TEAM’s integrated time and attendance solution, for several years. MahlerClean decided to go all-in with WinTeam as a comprehensive enterprise resource planning tool used to measure performance and automate daily financial, operations and workforce management. Put simply, WinTeam provided execs like Sullivan and Brauhn with resources for the back-office and their distributed workforce, while providing added value MahlerClean could pass on to their customers.

Financial reporting was one of the quickest areas that saw improved efficiencies. Before implementing WinTeam in 2017, data was manually taken out of their applications and exported from TeamTime before being imported into payroll and job costing reports.

“There was always a question of integrity when it came to our data,” Sullivan said. “We needed data we could rely on.”

WinTeam offered MahlerClean a seamless flow of integrated data for human resources, accounting and quality assurance.

MahlerClean also implemented eHub, TEAM’s integrated workforce management and self-service employee portal, to boost efficiency and productivity in the field. Employees only had to wait for their first payday to see the benefits from this implementation. They had everything from their paychecks, to benefit information, to hours scheduled readily available at their fingertips. It’s a value that extends beyond employees to the customer side, as well.

“Our customers like to see we incorporate technology into our business, especially our new customers,” Sullivan said. “We show them samples of our generated Checkpoint and trend reports (quality assurance reporting) to demonstrate what kind of data we can provide and what kind of service they’re investing in by signing on with us as a customer. We can configure the reports to automatically be sent to our existing customers who want to see rolling data, or how their buildings looked following services and when our cleaners were there.”