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4) What are the best ways for a member to get involved in BSCAI?

Go to one of our events. Winter is the CEO Seminar in a resort area designed for time to relax, reflect and develop as a leader. Spring is our Executive Management Conference, designed to bring your management (executive) team to talk about concepts that will move your company forward. And fall is the Contracting Success Conference. Coupled with a large trade show from ISSABSCAI’s Contracting Success Conference showcases top-notch speakers sharing practical advice, and peer breakout sessions with tactical ways to address business challenges we all face. 

After attending an event, reach out to the BSCAI staff and they can help connect you to a committee or a peer that can help you out. BSCAI offers a mentoring program to our members and a number of resources that allow members to engage with the association in the way that is most meaningful to them.

5) Why did you decide to join the BSCAI board and run for president?

I was elected to be on the board eight years ago with a desire to contribute to helping shape the future of our industry. After serving on numerous committees and working with my peers, I was given the opportunity to go on the leadership track that was created years ago, requiring a year as treasurer, a year as vice president, a year as president-elect and culminating as president. I have worked together with my officers for at least the past three years and feel we have a strong leadership team to support the goals and strategic plan in place.

6)Your father served as president in 1988. How does it feel to follow in his footsteps and be the second father/son presidential duo?

What a great opportunity we have had, following Paul and Jay Greenland as the first father/son presidential duo. Remembering the high-quality level of the men and women that preceded me as president of BSCAI puts me in elite company. 

My father created a company that started with six employees, one building and $500. We have grown significantly since that time, and his passion and belief in being the best we can be at all times has only grown over time. 

The value BSCAI has given to us is immeasurable and, simply stated, we could not be where we are without our membership. The more I have been involved in the leadership of BSCAI, the more I realize how it touches every aspect of our business and helps us continue to be a leader in the markets we serve.

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