Top Five Restroom Problems

Restrooms take up a small fraction of the footprint of commercial properties, but they account for a large chunk of facility complaints. Whether the building is open to the public or is used solely by businesses and their occupants, restroom cleanliness is often used to judge the performance of building service contractors.

Contracting Profits recently surveyed facility executives to find out what their top restroom cleaning complaints are and what kinds of solutions they think will be more effective. The top five complaints are:

1. Empty soap, towel and tissue dispensers
2. Odor problems
3. Dirty or clogged sinks, urinals and commodes
4. Visibly dirty floors
5. Overflowing trash receptacles

By and large, most facility executives don’t feel that most BSCs are using low quality paper products and soap. Graffiti, dirty mirrors, wet counters and floors aren’t high on their naughty list either.

According to the survey, most executives indicate that more frequent cleaning and hiring a day porter are impactful solutions. In addition, like in most situations, many restroom complaints can be prevented through pre-planning and open communication.

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