This is the first part of a five-part article on industrial soaps.

Building service contractors may have an easy way right at their fingertips to make their industrial market clients happy.

Providing an industrial soap that cleans, but is not rough on the skin is a cost-effective way to show workers that their employers care. And it results in a production boost, according to sanitary supply distributors. 

“Sometimes a mild change in something like that, which is typically not more expensive, tells the workers that you care about them,” says Linda Silverman, president at Maintex, a distributor in City of Industry, California. “Doing that makes people feel better about what they are doing and enhances productivity.”

Industrial soaps come in various forms. Products typically contain materials, such as plastic beads, a rock substance called pumice or walnut shells to help scrub the skin. All are sufficient to remove heavier soils that traditional soaps can’t get off on their own.

“Any time we go into an industrial area and there is a soil that is very hard to get off of someone’s hands and you can’t do it with foam soap, we approach them with these types of industrial hand soaps,” says Chase Bowers, sales manager at SMS Distributions in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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