This is the sixth part of a six-part article on upcoming changes in federal contracting.

The government market presents an opportunity for new business for many BSCs. According to a 2014 Contracting Profits study, 42 percent of BSCs identified government contract work as a growth market. The survey found it to be the industry’s third most likely growth market.

While most opportunities lie at the state and local level, there are gains to be made in federal facilities as well. At the federal level, growth in government contracting work comes not from new business, says Cotton III, but from a push to redirect spending to small businesses. In fact, the Small Business Administration reported in August that, in fiscal year 2013, the federal government met its 23 percent small business federal contracting goal for the first time in eight years.

Also, in the near future, when GSA determines the exact number of BMO Services contracts, those few companies stand to gain a substantial chunk of the market share.

For now, however, federal government service contractors sit in limbo, awaiting details of the BMO Services FSSI, which were originally supposed to be announced in October, according to Bornstein.

The delay continues to provide both critics of BMO Services and GSA a chance to solidify their messages.

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