A couple months ago I attended Facilities Midwest, a facility management trade show. During lunch I talked to a facility manager from Missouri about some of his challenges. He told me he was currently working on improving the indoor air quality in his facility. So far, he said, all of his solutions were HVAC-related.

I pointed out that he should talk to his cleaning contractor as well as his maintenance department about this problem. By using a vacuum with a HEPA filter and using the proper matting systems at main entryways, he could drastically reduce the amount of dirt and dust inside the facility.

The facility manager appreciated the information and left lunch with a new perspective regarding his building service contractor.

This conversation hinted that facility managers probably aren’t always utilizing their BSCs as an informational resource. And unless BSCs are touting themselves as experts, facility managers won’t know to ask.

BSCs shouldn’t wait until their customer has a problem to offer advice. Next time you meet, ask your customer what challenges he or she is facing NOW, and how you might be able to help.