Recently, I attended a seminar on magazine publishing in the electronic age. The presenters discussed everything from the static Web site to blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds. What made this presentation different from others I’ve attended was that I was able to watch and listen from the comfort of my own desk, as the seminar was entirely Web-based.

This real-time “Webinar” got me thinking about the evolving role of technology in building service contracting. Since I started at Contracting Profits in 1998, we’ve seen a sea change in the way magazines — and building service contractors — do business. Just a few short years ago, BSCs were reluctant to even start up a Web site, and now many of them order supplies, prospect for customers, and communicate with employees, partners and clients via the Internet. It’s as much a part of life as the telephone.

We at Contracting Profits, and our parent company, are embracing BSCs’ newfound technological savvy. We’re proud to introduce CleanHound, a new, cleaning-industry-specific search engine (see techtalk for more information, and be sure to visit We hope BSCs will use this tool to find out about the products their businesses need, and the trends and techniques that will keep them successful.