In this article, industry manufacturers answer common questions asked by building service contractors.

Why don't commercial soaps have attractive scents like consumer soap for the home does? Where are all the fruit, citrus and water smells? 
There are soaps available in the market that have a fragrance, however as most soaps will be used in many different settings and by different people with different skin conditions, it is our policy to remove all ingredients that can cause skin irritations. Perfume is one of those.
Katharina Versluis, Marketing Manager, Gent-l-kleen Products Inc., York, Pa.

Some manufacturers do offer multiple color and fragrance options. However, commercial soaps must appeal to the masses versus individual taste and most commercial customers are not willing to pay for these options.
Dan Renner, Director of Marketing, Kutol Products Co., Sharonville, Ohio 

Fragrances can be a very subjective thing and it can be a science unto itself. In commercial applications, soaps must be accepted by a wide spectrum of users. In institutional applications like schools, you want to encourage hand washing to help stop the spread of germs and strong fragrances can deter washing. Same holds true for offices and general public restrooms. Some people may also be sensitive to strong fragrances.  

In food service and hospitality settings, you don‚Äôt want your hand soap fragrance to overpower your food. Thus, a fresh almost neutral fragrance is used so that you know your hands are clean, but the fragrance also appeals to a wide spectrum of users to facilitate high acceptance and promote use. 
Lori Huffman, Head of Marketing, North America, STOKO An Evonik Brand, Greensboro, N.C.