No building service contractor would want me for a client. I’m the kind of guy who will demand compensation for any mistake. For instance, when my cable provider recently made a mistake on my account, I expected a credit for the error. When they offered me a small reimbursement, I thought I deserved more — and didn’t let the matter go until I got it.

I know BSCs come across squeaky wheels like me all the time. And honestly, we’re probably not worth the hassle. While being interviewed for my profile on Scrub Inc., Owner Roman Chmiel told a story about a colleague starting his own cleaning company. The man landed his first account, but the client said he needed to reduce his price. Chmiel’s advice was to stick to your guns: Either demand the original price or walk away.

Turning down business can be tough to swallow, but Chmiel is right. Cave to the customer too much and you’ll end up paying him to do your job. Cultivate a customer base that respects your company and appreciates the service you provide, not just the price you charge.