What are the benefits of standing or ride-on equipment over walk-behind? Does stand-on equipment have benefits over ride-on machines? 

Stand-on equipment offers many benefits over ride-on or walk-behind machines. The sight lines for the operator is improved over walk-behind or riding equipment which improves safety, especially for maneuvering in tight spaces or in areas with people. The smaller, compact size of stand-on equipment allows for it to be effective in smaller areas. Finally, stand-on equipment offers greater productivity when compared with walk-behind equipment and even riding equipment. This translates into reduced labor costs and ultimately helps to save budget dollars.
- Richard “Bo” Bodo, Director of Business Development, Windsor Industries, Englewood, Colo.

The primary benefits of riding equipment are minimizing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. Most users realize these benefits when changing from walk-behind equipment to riding equipment.  However, many users continue to cite operator fatigue with standing equipment. It has been reported that standing in one place actually gives the operator more fatigue than if they were walking behind the machine.
- Paul Lewandowski, Equipment Product Manager, Betco Chemical Corporation, Toledo, Ohio

Ride-on and stand-on equipment can increase productivity in some cases. You would typically choose the largest cleaning width for your facility, keeping in mind labor required to clean smaller areas, edges, corners and offices. Be aware of doorway widths to ensure the machine can travel throughout your building. The larger the machine the more water you can carry and the larger batteries you can install in the machine. Both of these can increase runtime and productivity.

Be aware of area-specific challenges you may encounter in your building: ramps, inclines, lack of elevators and particle floor types that can be a challenge for ride-on and stand-on equipment. Also know the actual runtime of a ride-on or stand-on piece of equipment. Be sure to survey your building and look at your labor requirements before choosing an autoscrubber.
- Eric Hickman, Product Manager, Powr-Flite, Fort Worth, Texas

Stand-on machines offer several benefits versus walk behind scrubbers. First, the productivity levels enjoyed with a stand-on are higher than a walk-behind.  Because operators are able to travel at a faster speed and be less fatigued, they are able to scrub for a longer period of time and cover more area with a stand on.

A major benefit of a stand on versus a rider is the cost. Stand-on scrubbers offer added productivity but at a cost lower than a rider. Stand-on scrubbers also offer a smaller footprint than a rider so allow for greater flexibility to clean in tight areas and fit on standard elevators. The stand-on scrubber essentially combines some benefits of a ride-on scrubber but at a cost closer to a walk-behind scrubber.
- Scott Keller, Education/Commercial Buildings Vertical Market Manager, Nilfisk–Advance, Inc., Plymouth, Minn.

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