At JANCOA, janitors clean restrooms without touching a mop, bucket or rag. Instead, they use cleaning equipment that is revolutionizing the contract cleaning industry with its ability to get restrooms to a higher level of clean that’s more difficult with manual tools.

The equipment uses water pressure to clean restroom floors and surfaces, allowing the operator to get into a room’s nooks and crannies. Once finished, the machine retracts the dirty water with a vacuum.

The technology is better than a mop and bucket system that relies on chemicals, says Clint Bard, COO at JANCOA, based in Cincinnati.

“When you are finished mopping, whatever didn’t stick to that mop is still there on the floor and in the grout,” says Bard.

The company’s transition to restroom cleaning equipment has also allowed its frontline workers to avoid mops that constantly need to be laundered or end up dirty and sitting in maintenance closets. Dirty mops can begin to stink and lead to an unhealthy building environment.

“Dirty mops don’t work effectively by harboring germs instead of removing them,” Bard says.

The use of dirty mops also displays an image to the client and its occupants that the building maintenance crew does not care for their cleaning equipment.

“It’s not professional and it shows you are not at the top of your game,” Bard says.

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