When making an investment in cleaning equipment it’s important to note where the machine can be best served in the field, Bard says. The cost of the machines is offset by a decrease in spending for cleaning solutions and other cleaning equipment. The investment is also offset by the company becoming more efficient and more thorough with its cleaning processes, both of which decrease costs and increase revenues.

“It may not be that much more faster every night, but because you are getting out all of the deep grime and everything else off the floor nightly, you don’t need to come in as frequently with a deep scrub or a deep clean of the restrooms,” Bard says. “So on a nightly basis, it probably takes the same amount of time to mop, but those bathrooms stay clean and stay spotless every night.”

Restroom cleaning equipment decreases the time for a restroom to be out of order to tenants or the general public because it retracts water from the floors. Emergency cleanups are also made easier with the machines, says Bard.
“It’s been incredibly handy to have the machines in use for emergency cleanups versus slopping a mop around,” he adds.

JANCOA managers have also noticed the cleaning equipment has reduced the time it takes to clean restrooms in larger buildings where there is more open space to maneuver the equipment.

In addition to the size of the building and restrooms, the type of building also comes into play when JANCOA determines where to make the investment in the equipment.

About 70 percent of JANCOA’s portfolio is made up of office space, about 15 percent is medical, and the remainder are educational facilities. Given the growth in the healthcare industry that has been driven, in part, by an aging population, JANCOA managers are looking forward to more opportunities in the sector in the future. The company’s increased market presence is spurring the need for more restroom cleaning equipment, Bard says.

JANCOA is especially keen on using restroom cleaning equipment in medical buildings because cleanliness is of the utmost importance in these facilities.

“Removing germs and getting them out of the restrooms and exam rooms is huge and the no touch cleaning is really a lot safer and lot more effective,” Bard says.

Brendan O’Brien is a freelance writer based in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

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