I need an ergonomic vacuum. What features should I look for?

A comfortable grip with lighter working handle weight is ergonomic and beneficial.  Look for a compact design and bag and belt that is easy to change.
— John McDonnell, Marketing Manager - Commercial and Dealer Division, Hoover, Glenwillow, Ohio

Ergonomic vacuums make cleaning a more comfortable experience. First, select a vacuum that is lightweight and has a low weight-in-hand so it’s easier to maneuver and move from room to room. Another key feature is a vacuum with a soft grip. Also, look for quick-change bags handles and easy-to-use, convenient attachments.
— Dalvin Green, Product Manager - Commercial Brands, Electrolux Home Care Products North America, Charlotte, N.C.

An upright vacuum puts asymmetrical stress on the user’s arm and shoulder, putting them at greater risk for ergonomic injury. A properly fitted backpack vacuum is less taxing to wear, because it puts the majority of the vacuum’s weight on the hips. The strong muscles in the legs carry the weight while the lightweight aluminum wand maneuvers quickly around obstacles. Proper fit is key to the ergonomic benefits of the backpack.
— Gareth Mason, President, NaceCare Solutions, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

It depends on the type of vacuum; if it’s a canister, as long as it trails easily behind the operator it’s probably ergonomic. If it’s an upright, see how comfortable the handle fits into the operators hand and how easy it is to push and steer. If it’s a backpack see how it feels on your back and how comfortable it is to walk around and work with.
— Rich Steinberg, Vice President of Sales, ProTeam, Boise, Idaho

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