From Colorado to South Africa, companies all around the world have been inspired by Kelly’s book and the Dream Manager program. Executives have implemented it into their own businesses, helping countless employees better their lives and pursue their dreams.

“It’s fascinating to me how many people have personalized and incorporated this little idea that came out of Cincinnati and put their own twist on it and have been successful,” says Mary.

Over the years JANCOA has helped hundreds, if not thousands of workers achieve their dreams. Mary’s goal is 10 million, but if one adds in all the other companies with their own Dream Manager-inspired programs, she’s well on her way to achieving her own dream.

But for every success there’s probably another company that lets the program fizzle out. It’s not easy to keep the Dream Manager going. So for JANCOA to still run it after nearly 15 years is an amazing accomplishment. Especially given the enormity of staff, of which 70 percent are immigrants or refugees from nearly 25 different countries. The language and culture barriers can be difficult roadblocks for Candella to wade through.

So many dreams can also make it overwhelming and sometimes employing a dream manager isn’t enough. It helps to have a champion to keep it going and businesses can look to consultants for help. At JANCOA, they have the original champion — Mary. And she won’t stop until employees — new or veteran — achieve their dreams.

“People have to have something to be excited about,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re the janitor at night, the CEO of the cleaning company or the president of the country. You have to have a big dream, figure out a way to go after it and be consistent in doing so.”

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