Ladder Cart
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
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The Ladder Cart is a unique hybrid of a traditional utility cart and a multi-function work center combined — innovatively designed with greater mobility, enhanced access, safe ladder handling and minimal storage requirements.

A small footprint with a centrally located storage area improves cornering and stability, while allowing end users to vertically store and transport a 4-foot-by-6-foot ladder with easier mobility. The enhanced maintenance cart is fully adaptable to work site requirements, with long-item storage, tool holders and locking steel cabinet. Designed for optimal safety, the Ladder Cart features a 42-inch, comfort-level working height for on-site jobs, helping to minimize user’s physical strain with less stooping and easier handling.

Wand Attachment
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Tile floors with grout lines causing you problems? No more. Clarke introduces BEXT® CHAT, a patent pending wand attachment that allows you to use your hot water extractor and wand on tile and grouted floors. Get deep-down grout clean with 300 PSI of high pressure and 200-plus degrees of heated solution in combination with the grout brush and hard floor squeegee to truly clean the floor with less time and effort. The BEXT CHAT attachment allows you to use your hot water extractor and wand on tile and grouted floors. Turn your BEXT extractor into a dual function (carpet and tile) machine with CHAT. Clarke has earned the bronze Seal of Approval for the BEXT extractor from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), signifying that it exceeds average standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness.

Quiet Vacuums
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A recent product innovation by ProTeam gives contractors more flexibility to decide when and how they clean. The new advancement, called Quiet Power™ Technology, lowers the sound a vacuum makes to whisper-quiet levels, allowing cleaning professionals to vacuum during the day, in 24-hour call centers and in other environments where sound levels are critical.

Quiet Power Technology is now available in the QuietPro® BP backpack vacuum and the QuietPro
® CN HEPA canister vacuum. Both vacuums feature a switch that allows operators to quickly shift from “power mode” to the lower decibel “quiet mode.”

The QuietPro BP runs at 60 decibels when in power mode and 51 decibels in quiet mode. The QuietPro CN HEPA canister tests even quieter, with a decibel level of 55 in power mode and 47 in quiet mode.

Most commercial vacuums test between 61 and 85 decibels.

Lotion Foam Soap
Wausau Paper Corp.
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Wausau Paper has achieved Green Seal® certification for its 91300 OptiSource™ Pink Lotion Foam Soap. Green Seal, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization located in Washington, D.C., that works to create a healthier and cleaner environment by identifying and promoting products that cause less pollution and waste and conserve valuable natural resources. The soap is certified under the Green Seal standard for Hand Cleaners and Hand Soaps (GS-41). This standard focuses on areas such as safety and performance, skin sensitization/irritation, fragrances, organic compounds, dyes, toxicity and product packaging. The 91300 OptiSource foam soap is ideal for multipurpose general washroom use and is designed to replace expensive bar soap and low-quality liquid and powder soaps. Our complementary OptiSource soap dispenser features a one-hand push design and accommodates 1,000 milliliters of this foam soap and dispenses 0.4 milliliters of product with each push of the dispensing mechanism.

Floor Coating
Amano Pioneer Eclipse
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To address the growing demand for low maintenance floorcare systems that don’t require frequent UHS burnishing which is often impractical or not an option, Amano Pioneer Eclipse developed a durable, high gloss 22 percent solids coating. Our goal was to provide a floorcare solution that would reduce labor costs without sacrificing appearance, durability or safety.

The result of our efforts is WonderGlo™ Low Maintenance Floor Coating — a high-quality, high-performance alternative to more labor-intensive products requiring frequent burnishing in order to perform up to spec. WonderGlo Low Maintenance Floor Coating offers a deep, high gloss straight off the mop, is extremely slip-resistant, durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Are you faced with budget and time restrictions, but need a durable coating with high appearance you can count on consistently? WonderGlo is the answer!

No-Touch Cleaning
Kaivac, Inc.

Jeff Darr of Monroe, N.C., cleans up crime scenes, car accidents and even airplane accidents. His company, Crime Scene Services Inc., is on call 24 hours a day and responds to biohazardous emergencies.

For years, Darr used mops, buckets, sponges, wipes and lots of elbow grease to perform these often gruesome cleanup operations; this process, however, is both dangerous and slow.

Because of this, Darr decided to try the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning System™. This all-in-one cleaning system applies cleaning chemicals to all surfaces, rinses, and then, vacuums away contaminants.

The entire procedure requires no touching — making it the safest way to clean-up crime scenes and biodisasters. Now, with three Kaivac machines, Darr says it is his “tool of the trade.”

“I never know what cleaning situation I am going to [encounter],” he says, “but I know whatever it is, Kaivac can help me handle it.”

Microfiber String Mop
Unger Enterprises
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Unger Enterprises is an innovator in the microfiber industry and offers mops and cloths that increase productivity, reduce worker injury and prevent cross contamination. One of Unger’s most recently launched microfiber products, the SmartColor String Mop, combines the benefits of microfiber with the easy cleaning of a string mop. The string mop features microfiber looped-ends and tailbands that absorb large quantities of dirt and liquid. Its microfiber technology reaches deep into pores to reduce bacteria by up to 96 percent, while the color-coded stripe helps distinguish between cleaning areas to prevent cross contamination. The SmartColor String Mop comes in a heavy duty that weighs 16 ounces and a medium duty that weighs only 11 ounces, making it easy to lift from bucket to floor, reducing worker strain and fatigue.

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Tired of tipping over your trash receptacle?

Impact's New GatorAnchor
® can make the task of cleaning a lot easier.

With over 50 percent improvement in tip resistance over standard dollies, the GatorAnchor easily transitions over electrical cords, door and room thresholds, and uneven surfaces with ease. This end-user designed dolly has 25 percent larger diameter than the standard dolly, yet is no larger than the opening of a 44-gallon container-keeping storage and mobility simple. With 3-inch heavy-duty, non-marking gray casters, this unique tool is ideal for use by schools, contract cleaners, office buildings, convention centers, airports, etc.

The GatorAnchor is tested and proven. Make cleaning easier.

Management Standard
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ISSA®, the leading association for the cleaning industry worldwide, has developed the first comprehensive management and operations standard for cleaning organizations. The Cleaning Industry Management Standard’s (CIMS) framework is built around five universally accepted quality principles and can be effectively used by building service contractors to improve service levels and differentiate themselves. CIMS, which is recommended by the International Facility Management Association, serves as a valuable tool that allows cleaning organizations to develop and maintain consistently high standards of quality, and demonstrates an organization’s commitment to overall customer satisfaction. Download a copy of the Standard, attend the free August 23 webinar on quality management standards, or apply for certification at

Supplier Services

Select Supplies™ is a customizable, web-based procurement system that brings product standardization, budgetary controls and reporting into one easy-to-use tool that is backed by the strength of xpedx — a leading national distributor of facility supplies and equipment. Tailored to meet the specific needs of building service contractors, employees only see approved products at negotiated pricing which creates opportunities for standardization, budget controls and reporting.

Benefits include streamlined training and regulatory compliance, improved safety and performance. What’s more, Select Supplies enables BSCs to decrease their total inventory while increasing inventory turns. Managers can reduce their overall spending, measure compliance, identify theft and evaluate product usage by category, by building, by product or manufacturer.

To learn how Select Supplies can help your operation be more profitable, go to or contact your local xpedx sales professional.

Odor Control Vacuums

Sanitaire has launched a new line of commercial upright vacuums with Arm & Hammer odor eliminating capabilities. The new bag system captures odors caused by mold, bacteria and fungi, along with allergen size dust particles — a combination ideal for the commercial user. For easier maintenance, a uniquely designed outer bag with a dual zipper panel provides quick access to the top filling, disposable dust bag system. This feature is available on uprights ranging from the lightweight model SC678 to the top of the line Contractor, model SC883A.

For existing products, Sanitaire has also introduced a line of Arm & Hammer replacement dust bags. Available in our most popular styles, these Sanitaire branded disposable dust bags offer the same odor protection for your current vacuums.

The Arm & Hammer name and logo are trademarks of Church and Dwight Co., Inc.

Burnishing Pad
ETC of Henderson Inc.
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The Blue ACE™ burnishing pad is the newest addition to our almost 30 years of making the finest floor pads in the industry. With this pad, we created a very soft, dense burnishing pad of fine synthetic fibers to deal with some of the newest finishes on the market. Blue ACE is designed for frequent burnishing with battery, electric or propane machines 1,000 rpm and above.

Soap Refill System
Kutol Products Co.
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Counter-mount soap-dispensing systems are quite popular in heavy-traffic or upscale restrooms, but refilling them can be a nightmare. Kutol Products Company has solved the problem with our unique, above-the-counter refill system. No messy pumps, no need to crawl on the floor. Just top-off the soap from above the counter and be confident that there is always soap available. The dispenser, offered in black or ivory, retrofits most countertop holes and is easy to install. The ADA-compliant dispensers fill with one of four Foaming Moisture Wash formulas: Antibacterial, Enriched, and Premium — all with sophisticated fragrances — and Dye & Fragrance Free. All contain dual moisturizers for luxurious feel and extra moisture retention.

Touch-Free Restroom
Sloan JANSAN, Division of Sloan Valve Co.
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Sloan JANSAN, a division of Sloan Valve Company, offers total control over restroom hygiene with innovative products and systems. Sloan JANSAN serves the needs of the ever-growing jan/san market by supplying the industrial and commercial segments, including healthcare, education, commercial, retail/hospitality, industrial and institutional facilities, with restroom products and systems that ensure increased levels of hygiene and energy efficiencies, while dramatically improving the overall restroom appearance.

The SJS-1750 deck-mount foam-soap system uses touch-free technology to reduce the risk of germs and cross-contamination during the washing process. The system provides the user a pre-measured amount of luxurious, hygienic foam soap only when needed, resulting in reduced soap usage and maintenance costs. The SJS-1750 easily attaches to deck surface.

Business Insurance
USI Holdings Corp.

Patterson//Smith Associates became part of USI Holdings Corporation effective Feb. 1, 2005. USI is a leading distributor of insurance and financial products and services to businesses throughout the United States. It’s headquartered in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., and operates out of 72 offices in 19 states.

Our same dedicated associates maintain the service excellence you depend upon under our new name — USI. Frank Patterson serves as chairman and Priscilla Hottle is president of USI’s D.C. Metro office.

New Name. Same Faces. Enhanced Value.

What a win for you — the Patterson//Smith service team combined with the leverage USI, as a national broker, commands within the market place. Our commitment to building service contractors remains unparalleled within the industry. We know your business; we understand your business. Call the BSC insurance experts at USI-Patterson//Smith.

Ask for Chad Thompson.

Riding Scrubber
Minuteman International, Inc.
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One way Minuteman Intl. Inc. is bringing productivity and quality cleaning results is with the SCV 24/26 rider scrubber. It has long been known that riding scrubbers reduce labor and increase cleaning quality and efficiency. However, most if not all of these cleaning environments involved large bulky riders that were of no use to custodial operators in close quarter areas. Minuteman Intl. solves this problem by allowing cleaning crews to use labor-saving rider technology in what was once a mop cleaning task.

The SCV 24-inch and 26-inch state-of-the-art scrubbers will allow custodial staff to clean in restrooms, commercial kitchens and extremely small hallways where traditionally a mop was used. The SCV 24/26 is engineered with a zero-degree turning capability that will allow an operator to completely turn in a 59-inch area. The SCV 24/26 also incorporates a unique sliding close quarter scrub deck that slides out three inches to get right up on the edges of the scrubbing area, and an optional on-board wand.

Industry Web Site
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Developed by the publishers of Sanitary Maintenance, Contracting Profits and Housekeeping Solutions magazines, is the online information resource for sanitary supply distributors, building service contractors and in-house cleaning professionals.

Big news — the newly redesigned CleanLink is bigger and better than ever. Innovative, fresh features include: blogs (the first media blogs in the industry); editors’ picks; category search functionality; and daily new products.

CleanLink has also enhanced visitor favorites such as The Buyer’s Guide, people and company updates, case studies, white papers and more.

Make your homepage and keep on top of the constantly changing commercial cleaning industry.

Cleaning Industry Search Engine

When it comes to researching products, services and cleaning techniques online, it’s the quality of results, not the quantity that counts. CleanHound™ is the cleaning industry’s only vertical search engine — an online tool to help you quickly and easily find pertinent information on the Web to help you do your job better. Unlike Google or Yahoo!, this powerful vertical-market search engine “fetches” only industry-specific results. CleanHound searches more than 700,000 pages from leading cleaning industry Web sites. One search yields targeted results from
  • Manufacturer sites
  • Association sites
  • Government agency sites
  • Cleaning industry publication sites
  • Service provider sites


and try it for yourself!

Floor Finish
Buckeye International Inc.
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Abernathy’s Cleaning Services Inc., located in Atlanta, has been using Buckeye products for several years. Among some of the facilities they clean are several YMCAs. One of the YMCAs mandated the use of Buckeye products.

Because Abernathy was unfamiliar with Buckeye, they didn’t know what to expect. They were so impressed with the quality of Buckeye products, they have been using them ever since.

Joyce Abernathy, owner, has high standards for her company. She states, “Buckeye is concerned about the needs of our company. They solve problems rather than just trying to sell something.”

With floor care, Castleguard® Floor Finish maintains its high-gloss shine on floors and doesn’t yellow over time.

“Castleguard really stands out. It is one of the best finishes out there,” says Abernathy.