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Dial Professional
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Soap and Laundry
Dial Professional, Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc.

New in 2011! Larger Sizes from Dial Professional

Your cleaning and maintenance just got easier. Dial Professional is now offering more convenient, cost effective options through our new bulk sizes.

Offering 2 of our staple foaming hand soap products, Dial Complete and Dial Basics, in a new 1 gallon size helps to maximize your dollar while taking care of your hand sanitation needs.

Try our new Purex Laundry Detergent Pails (offered in a 15.6lbs. dry and 5 gallon liquid format) for any commercial setting — can also be used for multi-purpose cleaning!

Talk to your Dial Professional Representative and visit our website to learn more about our wide range of products that will get your job done right, the first time.


Always seeking new ways to reduce costs and curb high staff turnover, Jan/San professionals have turned to day cleaning due to the significant amounts of money saved when lights and HVAC are turned off at night.

"Day cleaning is a trend generated by economic factors, but is likely here to stay, especially in places that have seen soaring energy costs," according to David Parkes, General Manager, Commercial Division, Electrolux HCPNA. "This trend has driven Sanitaire to innovate and provide our customers with new solutions for their cleaning challenges. Our latest innovation, the Sanitaire Quiet Clean line, was built in direct response to customer feedback and allows our customers to maintain, or improve, their employees' productivity."

Day cleaning operations require quiet, commercial-strength vacuums, which is why Sanitaire is seeing a strong response to its Quiet Clean line, a series of vacuum cleaners that let cleaning professionals vacuum facilities 24/7 without being heard — almost anyway.

Offering durable designs, quiet operation and maximum performance, every Quiet Clean vacuum operates below 70 decibels so staff can discretely clean at any hour. The vacuums feature highly-efficient, extra-long lasting commercial motors for less maintenance and unscheduled downtime, while washable filters further cut incremental costs and help maintain a cleaner environment. The collection's six upright vacuums, available in multiple platforms, all have superior filtration — most have a sealed HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97 percent of allergens and pollen down to 0.3 microns. All Quiet Clean vacuums meet LEED guidelines and have the CRI Seal of Approval.

Safety Equipment
ETC of Henderson

Reduce The Risk Of Slipping!

Gator Shoes are made of a durable, high quality rubber material which is waterproof, chemical resistant & acid resistant. This means that your footwear & skin is protected from the harsh chemicals in stripping or cleaning solutions. Sized X-small - Giant.

Just as important, the gripping sole of this Gator Shoe is our Gatorbacks which reduces slipping while working in slippery solutions. Gatorbacks are made of 1/2" stripping material with an open weave to give you plenty of gripping action. And they are replaceable.

Uses Include:

  • Stripping Floors
  • Freezer Lockers
  • Cleaning Meat Rooms
  • Athletic Showers
  • Any Wet or Slippery Floor
Wet/Dry Vacuum

ProTeam, the company internationally recognized for innovative vacuum technology, recently joined with parent company Emerson Professional Tools to launch a complete line of six high-performance wet/dry vacuums known as the ProGuard. From a portable battery-powered version to a 10-gallon design with HEPA filtration, each model tackles specific maintenance situations.

For the toughest, biggest wet and dry worksite challenges, the new ProTeam ProGuard 15/20 Wet/Dry vacuum maximizes power, size and versatility. A two-stage bypass motor, 15- or 20-gallon capacity and optional front mount squeegee boost productivity. Built-in variable swivel caster wheel patterns allow for either 360-degree or stair-ready maneuverability. A washable, reusable three-layer fine dust cartridge filter provides exceptional filtration, while an exclusive Qwik Lock Wet Filter breaks down foam. A tip-and-pour spout or convenient drain hose allow for fast, easy water and debris removal. The ProGuard 15/ 20 includes a three-year warranty on parts, labor and motor, and lifetime on molded body parts.

Floor Care

Advance's EcoFlex System auto scrubber technology ends compromises between green and clean. EcoFlex provides the flexibility to clean floors using environmentally responsible methods and still meet clients' expectations for clean floors. Simple, efficient operation lets cleaning professionals get the right level of scrubber performance for the job, eliminate water and detergent waste, and reduce the total cost to clean.

The one-touch flexibility of Advance scrubbers with EcoFlex helps cleaning professionals get more out of their equipment investment. Operators can control pad pressure, water and detergent at the touch of a button. EcoFlex makes it easy to clean any hard-floor surface type, make adjustments for different soil loads and meet expectations for clean and green floors — all with the same machine.

Inspection Software

CleanTelligent Software is excited to announce the arrival of its new Custom Rating System for Inspections.

CleanTelligent's new Custom Rating System allows companies to completely customize inspections. This includes multiple ratings with custom names, colors, and abbreviations. Companies can choose how much each item they are inspecting is worth which will yield more precise inspection scores. Companies can even emphasize their standards by determining which ratings are deficient or not.

Whether companies want to comply with APPA's rating system, LEED certification, CIMS, or use ratings like Yes/No, Green/Yellow/Red it all works in CleanTelligent. These new inspections can be broken down to detail each service specifically by room in the buildings you clean.

With CleanTelligent's new Custom Rating System for Inspections, reporting is specific and detailed. Tracking trends over time helps companies to know which buildings have quality risks to instantly pinpoint specific items that need attention.

CleanTelligent inspections can be completed on many handheld devices including Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.

Reports a CleanTelligent user, "For over twenty years, we have done inspections based on four different ratings. This new Rating System gives us the ability to keep our current inspection criteria in line with how we scored inspections in the past."

CleanTelligent gives companies the ability to create work orders, track messages, manage work scheduling, and so much more. CleanTelligent helps thousands of users in 5 countries and is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Visit our website to schedule a live demo.