Floor-care Chemicals

Amano Pioneer Eclipse

EnviroStar Green® HS25 Floor Coating by Amano Pioneer Eclipse®, was designed for ease of application, scuff resistance and durability. The 25 percent active solids formulation is ideal for daily burnishing and produces a superior slip resistant gloss to many non-green formulas. EnviroStar Green HS25 was one of the first to receive the EPA’s Design for Environment (DfE) designation and remains the industry benchmark of excellence for green floor coatings.


Upright Vacuum

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The Sanitaire DuraLite® upright vacuum is the first true lightweight vacuum designed to withstand the rigors of daily commercial environments. Weighing only 10 pounds, it features a commercial grade motor and wider air path to eliminate clogging. The DuraLite also has a wider cleaning head and magnesium parts to provide cleaning strength. The vacuum deep cleans more than 30 percent better than the leading lightweight commercial upright.

Paper Products

Atlas Paper Mills

Atlas Paper Mills introduces Green Heritage, a value line of Green Seal certified products for away-from-home markets. The Green Seal certified line includes eight jumbo toilet tissue rolls, six 2-ply and two 1-ply toilet tissue rolls, and one kitchen roll towel. The Green Heritage line also features three center-pull towels and 30 and 72 count facial tissues.

The Green Heritage toilet tissue rolls feature new embossing with a new pattern for a softer feel. The Green Heritage kitchen towel is a 2-ply double-embossed roll with 85 sheets. The value-priced Green Heritage brand provides an array of truly green product solutions to customers who demand a green line of recycled towel and tissue products. The line offers a green value proposition that helps customers meet their commitment to protecting the environment without the premium price typically associated with Green Seal certified products.

Backpack Vacuum

ProTeam Inc.
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Getting everything you care about in one purchase item is surprisingly challenging in today’s market. Luckily, when it comes to vacuums, there’s an easy choice. When you choose a ProTeam backpack, you get increased productivity, quality, effectiveness, durability, maneuverability, ergonomics, indoor air quality and cost savings.

ProTeam backpacks combine a high-powered motor with Four Level® Filtration to capture up to 43 percent more dust than a standard commercial upright. Studies show that ProTeam backpacks clean up to 10,000 square feet per hour when used in an effective team cleaning system compared to 2,857 from a single-motor upright. The ProTeam design reduces moving parts and motor damage, has an easily accessible tool belt, and allows a greater range of natural motion for the operator.

Use a ProTeam backpack in your 10,000 square foot facility and save up to $5,280 a year — and up to $52,800 with 100,000 square feet.


Burnishing Pad

ETC of Henderson Inc.
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The Blue ACE burnishing pad is the newest addition to our almost 30 years of making the finest floor pads in the industry. With this pad, we created a very soft, dense burnishing pad of fine synthetic fibers to deal with some of the newest finishes on the market. Blue ACE is designed for frequent burnishing with battery, electric or propane machines 1,000 rpm and above.


Trojan Battery
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With over 80 years of proven experience, Trojan Battery introduces the New AC Series, the industry’s best flooded batteries designed specifically to meet the needs of access and cleaning applications:

  • Maxguard® Advanced Design Separator and Alpha Plus® paste formulation for long life, unrivaled performance and lower maintenance costs.
  • Polyon case for exceptional durability in heavy service applications or generic case for standard applications.
  • Increased product portfolio, with high to low capacity points to meet your application and economic needs, all with the same Trojan Quality.



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Are you struggling with budget cuts that can’t be managed through supply-price decreases? xpedx ISSA Certified Experts (I.C.E.) are ready to help building service contractors who need to evaluate, reduce and redeploy their work force. A team of select xpedx employees have now completed ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) and Certification Program. As certified CIMS experts, xpedx is able to provide training and consulting services to BSCs interested in complying with and preparing to certify to CIMS.

CIMS applies to the management, operations and performance systems of cleaning organizations. Compliance demonstrates that an organization is structured to deliver consistent, quality services designed to meet their customer’s needs and expectations.

Chemical Products

Buckeye International Inc.
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Capital Hotel and Hospitality Services Inc., cleans high-end hotels, restaurants and other large facilities in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia. One challenge that they were facing in many of their facilities was keeping grout clean in the restrooms. John Marino, owner and president, saw a demonstration of Buckeye Marauder™ and was convinced it was the product they were looking for.

“Marauder does a great job of cleaning tile and whitening grout,” Marino states.

Additionally, the company was searching for the best possible cleaner and disinfectant to use in restroom cleaning. Buckeye Terminator™ is the solution for both cleaning and disinfecting in one step.

Now they are able to clean and disinfect in one step, saving them a significant amount of time. Another benefit of Buckeye Terminator is that it has a kill claim for MRSA, a major concern in many facilities.