Studies indicate that influenza will be responsible for more than 70 million missed workdays this year. Imagine the impact building service contractors can have on this stat simply by implementing a cleaning for health approach.

Cleaning and disinfecting common office touch points, known as fomites, can greatly reduce the spread of germs among building occupants. Important areas to cover include desks, phones, computer keyboards and mice. Place dispensers or bottles of hand sanitizer near these areas as well.

Using color-coded equipment can prevent cross-contamination during cleaning. For example, it helps ensure a mop used in the restroom also isn’t used to clean lobbies, breakrooms or other office areas.

Get building occupants to participate, too. Encourage them to wash their hands throughout the day. Do this by offering quality soap and towel products and by placing hand-washing reminder signage in the restrooms. (If the restroom is being remodeled, suggest replacing older fixtures with touch-free ones.)

Be sure to educate clients about how you are reducing the spread of common colds and flu. Continue this education with building occupants through newsletters or brochures placed in facility breakrooms or on bulletin boards.