“You are ridiculously in charge!” This quote captured my complete attention early in the book “Boundaries for Leaders,” by Dr. Henry Cloud.

Dr. Cloud has written many books that address boundaries, relationships and personal improvement. This book about leadership goes beyond the standard “how to” guides and theories about how we should behave as leaders.

“Boundaries for Leaders” combines research, real stories and basic human behaviors to address the fears we face that keep us from being great leaders.
Recent brain research provides proof about how the thoughts we believe to be true impact situations. When we are in fear-mode our brain freezes, but when our thinking is more positive, focused and connected with others, we become much more energized to take different, and better actions. The book helps readers better understand the situation and, therefore, take the alternative route to achieve the results we crave.

The awareness that, as leaders, we are not just in charge, but “ridiculously in charge” awakens something in our mind that allows us to be more open to other possibilities, and move toward the results we wanted all along. The book confirms that we are not alone. There are many others who strive to be not just good leaders, but great leaders, who want to help individuals and organizations create and deliver value to the world.

Having read this book with great enthusiasm, I was empowered to go out and embrace being “ridiculously in charge,” and become the great leader I was always meant to be.

Mary Miller, CEO, JANCOA Janitorial Services, Inc., Cincinnati

Using the latest findings from neuroscience, author Dr. Henry Cloud demonstrates why leaders need to set the conditions that make people’s brains perform at their highest levels. To accomplish this, leaders will create seven boundaries to establish a results-driven organization.

“Boundaries for Leaders,” published by HarperBusiness, is filled with practical examples from Dr. Cloud’s coaching practice that will inspire readers to desire to be great leaders.