Contributed by Epay Systems

ISS offers a wide range of services including cleaning, support, property, security and facility management services to clients across 55 countries. By taking over non-core facility services, ISS allows clients to focus on what they do best: managing and growing their core business.

“What sets us apart is our ability to deliver services with our own staff,” says Anthony Lackey, senior vice president of information technology at ISS. “Our workforce management system plays a key role in our delivery of high levels of service.”

Because its workforce is widely scattered over multiple worksites, ISS found it challenging to precisely track time and attendance, which made the company vulnerable to compliance violations.

While most employees were clocking in on an automated time tracking system, ISS faced some challenges. Employees weren’t always properly compensated for overtime and meal breaks. Blended overtime was difficult to calculate correctly. Some employees were failing to clock out, and a small group of managers were changing employee time cards and work rates improperly. “Unapproved edits were costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars,” says Lackey.

Determined to improve compliance and workforce management, ISS launched a search for “the most effective time and labor management system in the industry,” says Lackey. That system would not only ensure employees were paid correctly and on-time, but reduce payroll processing time and costs, yielding a competitive marketplace advantage.

ISS became interested in EPAY – because it operates in real-time – and conducted a price comparison between them and another leading time tracking vendor. The second proposal equated twice the cost of EPAY’s and required a six-to-nine-month implementation timeline, versus EPAY’s three-month implementation.

After comparing time and attendance systems, ISS chose EPAY’s time and labor management system concluding it would not only improve compliance, but would be the easiest system for employees to use. In addition, ISS liked that EPAY’s time and labor management system:

  • Provides a complete audit trail
  • Makes it easy to import/export data
  • Simplifies blended overtime calculations
  • Integrates easily with existing HRMS, payroll and ERP systems
  • Allows managers to create custom alerts
  • Offers 24/7 customer support

Since implementing EPAY’s time and labor management system, ISS has seen a dramatic decrease in missed or incorrect punches and fewer managerial changes to time cards, resulting in improved overall compliance. Real-time analytics have made it easy to identify problems at their source and address them promptly.

In addition, audits are greatly streamlined. Since reports are readily accessible, the company saves time and money. Because EPAY’s time and labor management system allows ISS to manage overtime hours proactively, overtime costs have decreased. General managers are more engaged with the system and more eager to access data and reports.