Will switching to backpack vacuums (from uprights) make my janitors more productive?

How so?Every BSC has different cleaning needs. Some might prefer an upright vacuum while others may prefer backpacks. Backpacks are known for their maneuverability and ease of transport from room to room. The maneuverability feature can allow staff to clean more efficiently in less time, which can equate to cleaning cost savings. In addition, the hose on backpacks is usually an inch and a half wide so you do not have to worry about the clogs that you sometimes get with uprights.
— Dalvin Green, Product Manager - Commercial Brands, Electrolux Home Care Products North America, Charlotte, N.C.

Most likely, yes. You can cover a lot of area with a backpack and its tools. Less lunging occurs when using a backpack and you don’t have to constantly move out of the way of a backpack since it’s behind you and out of your way. An upright takes more maneuvering while a backpack sports more of a free-flow type-usage.
— John McDonnell, Marketing Manager- Commercial and Dealer Division, Hoover, Glenwillow, Ohio

In today's market most contracts are being cleaned for the same price as they were 20 years ago while the price of labor and everything else has increased. Because of this we often only traffic lane or spot vacuum today where the cleaner moves though the facility quickly, they are certainly not vacuuming wall-to-wall like years ago. As opposed to pushing an upright it's much faster to traffic lane or spot vacuum with a backpack and the ISSA production numbers reflect this. The fastest method today is to use a battery backpack or canister; studies show that you can vacuum 15,000 to 18,000 square feet per hour using a battery backpack.
— Gareth Mason, President, NaceCare Solutions, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

According to ISSA, a backpack vacuum cleans a 10,000-square-foot facility in one hour when used with a cleaning system, versus three hours with a dual-motor upright. Plus, a backpack is 43 percent more efficient than a commercial upright vacuum, so not only does the backpack improve speed, but also effectiveness.
— Rich Steinberg, Vice President of Sales, ProTeam, Boise, Idaho

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