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Effective communication is a major factor in the success of any business and commercial cleaning companies are no exception. A cleaning team’s ability to properly communicate with each other and with clients is important to a business’s reputation and bottom line. Cleaning companies that speak effectively complete jobs quickly and efficiently, which in turn drives revenue. 

A successful cleaning company needs strong communicators, which comes with practice. Here are a few tips to mold stronger communicators, make cleaning teams stronger and businesses more profitable. 

Get the Right Tools 

Strategy is important, but it is also important to arm oneself with the right tools that improve communication. A great cleaning team relays messages from one person to another as quickly and clearly as possible. Two-way radios are the best tool for streamlining this communication. 

Two-way radios implement instant communication at the push of a button. Custodial teams cleaning large office buildings with multiple floors can quickly relay details about their job status without having to run to the next floor. 

Two-way radios are also a reliable tool that helps establish simple and effective communication, according to Stewart McClintic, owner of HQ98.com, a retailer in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

“Custodians love two-way radios because their setup and use is straightforward,” McClintic says. “Push the button and get a message out. You don’t have to leave your station or dial a phone number to talk with your cleaning team.” 

Setting up a two-way radio system is a great start to improving communication. 

Meet Regularly and Support Employee Growth 

Frequently check on employees, supervisors and managers to see how they are doing in their jobs, as well as how they are personally doing in life. Hold weekly meetings separately with each level of employee from entry-level to the most trusted managers. In larger cleaning companies, once-a-month meetings might be easier to manage. This amount is fine as long as management is taking an active interest in employee growth. 

Meetings can help the team address new training methods, as well as bring to light employee strengths and weaknesses. They are also a great opportunity for owners to get to know the team on a personal level and build stronger relationships. 

The people are what make businesses succeed, so it’s in owners' best interest to get to know the team. It is a small commitment that pays huge future gains. 

Individual and small group meetings should establish clear expectations to improve the cleaning company and how well everyone met the expectations set at the last meeting. A building service contractor that conducts productive meetings with their employees will help those employees improve in their professional and personal life. 

Owners should also conduct group meetings with the entire team at least once a month. Peer accountability is the goal of these meetings. Everyone has goals and everyone should be held accountable for them. It is important that every team member knows how they are performing, especially the owner. 

Productive group meetings mean everyone is involved and engaged. Employees should be incentivized to ask questions. Politely pose a question to any employee not verbally engaged. It is important to foster a safe and intellectual environment. No one should be afraid to speak, and no one should be treated poorly for saying something incorrect. 

Improving communication means creating an environment where people feel comfortable speaking. 

Support Positive Body Language 

Positive body language is key to creating a more communicative environment for the team, as well as for potential and existing clients. Non-verbal communication is the least used form of communication. Good body language is the most essential communication component. 

Employees interacting with clients should always make direct eye contact, stand straight up, and communicate with a generally upbeat and professional demeanor. Cleaning teams must be willing to take customer feedback on their work and do so in a manner that shows the client is being heard. 

Owners should also promote positive body language when talking with employees. This demonstrates engagement and tells staff they are being heard.  

When speaking to the cleaning team, earnestly listen to their suggestions and concerns. Doing so will build trust between frontline workers and management, which leads to stronger relationships. Successful building service contractors know that strong relationships create good business.  

Growing the business requires hiring and keeping the right people, so listen to the team and watch the company succeed. 

Effective communication will create an effective cleaning company. Finding the right methods and techniques to improve the cleaning team’s communication will lead to a happier and more profitable cleaning company. 

Johnny Pallares is the owner of DLR Commercial Cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona. The commercial cleaning company provides professional cleaning services to over 500 clients across the greater Phoenix area.