We inspect each facility in person on a monthly basis, at least. Some we visit two times per month, a few get weekly visits.

The inspection includes a walk-through of the facility; we inspect the dusting, high and low, restroom cleanliness, walls and doors, floors, carpet and janitor closet organization. In addition we may talk to different people around the facility to get their feedback on the cleaning.

Basically the visit builds a relationship with our contact over time and gains their trust. This cuts down cancelled contracts. Our customers have given us feedback recently that they really appreciate the personal visits, it doesn’t take time out of their day and we always report what we found and fix the issue in a timely manner. They feel we care.

— Rebecca Finken, Owner, Accurate Building Maintenance, Las Vegas

Pioneer Building Services incorporates a 30-Day Quality Assurance Program into every account we service. Through personal on-site visits every 30 days, we not only “inspect” every aspect of the building but we also acquire direct feedback, commentary and even criticism on our overall cleaning performance from the people that matter the most: tenants and property management.

This consistent and frequent inspection program creates a solid foundation for accountability and reliability on all levels. It opens up the doors for constant process improvement, customer relationship management and customized cleaning services specific to each client.  

Instead of waiting for mistakes to turn into complaints, we go out and search for areas of improvement.  Systematic scheduling, inspecting, reporting and follow-up allows us to effectively communicate everything from our site visits so that our customers get a true and honest sense of how their contractor is performing on a 30-day cycle.  The value of Pioneer’s Quality Assurance Program is priceless.

— Chase Carlson, Director of Facilities, Pioneer Building Services Inc., Rockville, Md.

“What gets measured, gets done” is a fundamental management philosophy at Cavalier Services that is actualized using various measurement tools, including building inspection reports. The 127-item checklist measures building cleanliness and helps deliver consistent service to customers. The measure of performance is based on adherence to customer specifications against a zero defects standard. Inspections assess the degree of conformance to customer expectations and requirements.

Inspections, conducted at various points in the cleaning process, tell what practices are effective, and what practices are in need of improvement. Inspection reports, communicated electronically to customers on a monthly basis, accomplish more than simply measuring the cleanliness of the building. Customers report that the inspection process conveys Cavalier’s on-going commitment to service excellence and continuous process improvement.

— Linda Pendergrass, Director, Performance Management, Cavalier Services Inc., Fairfax, Va.