Jose Arriaga

We're connected through our smart phones. We communicate with everyone through e-mail from our phones. We even text our service providers.

Also with the smart phone, I carry my 1,200 contacts with me everywhere I go so I don't need to call into the office.

Most importantly, I have my calendar that has all my appointments, follow-up calls, account start-ups, etc. — all in real time.

I couldn't live without it.

Jose Arriaga, Regional Manager
Vanguard Cleaning Systems of South Florida

Scott Spurgiesz

We use smart phones
exclusively, and the interaction between customers and prospective customers seems to be even more high-tech now. I receive texts now from prospective customers that I have met just once before. We use our smart phones to coordinate our operations and customer contact informationÉwe did none of those things via smart phone two years ago.

Scott Spurgiesz, Master Franchise Owner
Anago Cleaning Systems
San Diego

Christopher Terrell

We use the iPad for inspections and to order supplies. Also, we use it to show training videos to our employees and have them take a test on it afterwards.

We also use an iPad for sales presentations and show proposals right on the device. Customers like it; we get a lot of compliments (plus they all want to play around on it).

It's a more sophisticated approach — customers like that you're not just walking around with a pad of paper.

Christopher Terrell, Regional Manager
Service Group 360
Jonesboro, Ark.

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