Social media has become quite popular, but often businesses overlook Twitter for more common options like Facebook and LinkedIn. Early on we were intrigued by the possibilities and efficiency of Twitter. Our company was rewarded soon after launching our first campaign by procuring a $100,000+ per year client, with a relationship almost completely cultivated on Twitter.

From a marketing standpoint, Twitter gives you an interactive distribution method to stay in front of thousands of potential customers with news, offers, video and more. By utilizing search filters, Twitter also becomes an incredible sales and customer service tool by allowing you to answer questions and resolve issues for your current clients, as well as monitoring questions and complaints from other potential customers in your service area.

Andrew J. Allsbury

Vice President of Marketing & Technology

Pro Power Clean Inc.

Boise, Idaho


Mitch Murch Maintenance Management (MMMM) utilizes Twitter as a resource to make contact with our prospects and customers.  

Recently, MMMM attended the IFMA World Workplace trade show in Phoenix and we utilized Twitter to help publicize our booth location. In today’s business environment, it is imperative to make as many contacts with your prospects as possibly and when you can use different mediums like Twitter, LinkedIn, e-mail and direct mail, your message will continue to stay fresh. MMMM has also utilized Twitter to “tweet” exciting news like the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series and MMMM’s role to prepare Busch Stadium for all games an events.

In our industry, it is crucial to remain in front of our prospects. On any given night, an incumbent contractor could make a mistake, and we want to be there as a resource for the prospect.

Domenic Palumbo, Marketing Assistant

Mitch Murch Maintenance Management

St. Louis


For Hybrid Cleaning Services Twitter is a great tool that simplifies business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication.

By “following” one another we stay on top of the latest news. Our Twitter account is linked to our website, therefore we can offer daily updates to our site visitors. For us, Twitter is a great addition to our company communications.

Jessica Herrera

Account Representative

Hybrid Cleaning Services

Downey, Calif.