Rite Way is committed to serving the needs of our customers, and their feedback is another opportunity to let us know how well we are meeting their expectations. This information, along with our responses, helps us to provide exceptional customer service.

Many customers outsource their facility maintenance needs to Rite Way, allowing them to focus on their own core responsibilities. However, this still requires an open line of communication and we encourage customers to provide feedback as often as they like. One method of customer feedback is requesting that they attend a series of Quarterly Business Review meetings to review their prior 90 days of service. We find these opportunities, and any face-to-face meetings, especially important to relationship building. Following the scope of work is necessary at any facility, but understanding the customer expectations on an ongoing basis requires regular feedback and appropriate, timely responses.

Ben Weil, Marketing Director
Rite Way Service
Birmingham, Ala.

C&D Crystal Cleaning Inc. has always been committed to ensuring that our customers’ service expectations are not only met, but are also exceeded. Over the past 19 years, we have been able to successfully uphold this commitment by way of open and honest communication with our customers. In fact, every time we take on a new customer, we first ask them to let us know immediately about any issues which may require correction or adjustment.
Via frequent face-to-face dialogue with our customers, regular telephone conversations, use of technology (i.e.: e-mail, our interactive website), and standard on-site quality control reports, we are able to quickly address our customers’ needs. Our management team’s approach to customer service relies on these crucial quality control methods; therefore, appropriate follow-up is consistently and routinely maintained for the duration of the business relationship. We believe that we’ve maintained our strong and loyal customer base because our customers know that their feedback is always appreciated.
Bruce P. Lengyel, Director of Sales
C&D Crystal Cleaning Inc.

We encourage customer feedback using surveys. Whether by phone, mail, or in person, we just ask a few questions pertaining to how they perceive our service. We tailor the survey to avoid leading the customer to answer a certain way. What we want to end up with is an honest reflection of how we are meeting their needs and hopefully some suggestions on how we might be able to do a better job. 
We respond to the feedback by measuring the results and acting on them. We do this by grading the answers 1-to-5 or 1-to-10 and then using these metrics to measure how strong the responses are, either positive or negative. This method not only finds specific problems, often before they become an official complaint, but also highlights trends that show us areas where we need to work harder and where we are actually excelling.

Jim Ellis, President and
Director of Business Development
Ellis Enterprises
Los Alamitos, Calif.