In last month’s editorial, I spoke of Missouri’s potential legislation requiring green cleaning in schools. Well, since that time a bill did pass, however, just not the same one. Instead of requiring green cleaning, Missouri will set green recommendations and guidelines for those interested in implementing environmentally responsible operations. (For my reaction to this decision, see my blog “Recommendations Not the Same as Requirements”).

It’s now up to building service contractors to push for more green initiatives. If you’re starting a green cleaning program, or improving one, turn to these Missouri guidelines. Contact the Will Kraus, Missouri State Representative for the 48th District, or the bill’s sponsor, Senator Kevin Engler, and let them know you used the guidelines. It will help show that the bill was at least a step in the right direction. But, more importantly, Missouri (along with other states) may start to realize the significance of mandating green. They will see that for building occupants — especially young students in schools — and cleaning employees, it’s not just a matter of protecting the Earth, it’s also a matter of health and safety.

And after this realization, it will be clear that recommendations are a nice start, but not enough.

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