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Frank Wardzinski reviews "Start With Why" by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek introduces “why” as a powerful concept. By understanding “why,” leaders can enhance their leadership skills and knowledge to better realize organizational goals and vision. 

The book commences by looking into the assumptions that leaders make and their impact on their actions. In this case, leadership behaviors are key determinants of accomplishing long-term results in organizations. The book establishes two main types of organization leaders: Those who manipulate to accomplish organizational goals, and those who think about the organizational goals and naturally work towards their realization. 

There are different ways organizations attract customers. In most cases, organizations manipulate or inspire potential customers to purchase their goods and services. Manipulation uses different strategies, such as pricing and promotions. However, this only contributes to short-term profitability. On the other hand, long-term profitability can be facilitated by inspiring customers.

Organizational leaders need to understand why, how and what the entity does in the business environment. They need to establish the needs, wants and expectations of their customers. Conducting market research on customers will help leaders determine their market niche. From here, ideas for the organization should be well-structured and broken down into smaller tasks. 

Once defined, leaders need to ensure all stakeholders understand and share the vision, mission, goals and objectives. In BRAVO!’s case, this allows us to make effective decisions and communicate them to all stakeholders. Having an effective reporting system helps make this possible. To realize our goals, it’s essential to have clarity, discipline and consistency. We have used these aspects for increasing confidence levels in our decisions. 

The goal of every business should be to focus on stakeholders who believe in the organization. This is essential for building trust among team members. It also enhances differentiation, flexibility and competitiveness. 

Our business culture is to promote employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Moreover, we build a sense of belonging within the organization. 

These processes will help leaders succeed, but remember, leaders are competing against themselves, not other companies in the business environment.

Frank Wardzinski, COO

BRAVO! Group Services

Bridgewater, New Jersey