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When it comes to short-and long-term operations, there is little the owners and managers of building service contracting companies care about more than efficiency and profit — two things that are very much interconnected. The problem is so many businesses are currently not as efficient as they can be. These inefficiencies show themselves in bad cleaning practices and business operations, thus creating poor performances that sometimes leads to upset customers, ultimately resulting in lost revenue, no prospects and a bottom line that is alarmingly red.

There are a few things that can be done to prevent a building service contractor from entering this vicious cycle. One action that can help is the purchase and use of business intelligence dashboard software, a technology that develops reports on various aspects of a business, resulting in the creation of concrete data a company can use to identify its current flaws, while also preparing for the future. Given these increased struggles and the constant improvements to most business intelligence dashboard software, some developers say now is the time for BSCs to act.

Solving Issues Today

Most every business has a weakness. Perhaps bad hires have often plagued the company or its financial recordings are always a mess. With this in mind, business intelligence dashboard software has been developed so that BSCs can keep a record of their financial, operations and workforce management data. When using the software, developers say users are left with insight into the inner workings of their business without the need to painstakingly comb through the daily operations for hours on end.

For many, “painstakingly” is the operative word. The ability of the software to speedily fashion mundane data into important information is what separates it from information collecting processes that existed before. Pen and paper recording of data, for example, has been around for a long time, says Zach Droubay, director of sales at CleanTelligent, Provo, Utah. CleanTelligent recently met with a client, who said its employees simply type information into an ongoing Microsoft Excel document. That is it. They follow a process Droubay says could take a whole day per update and contain several issues caused by simple human error.

“(The data dashboards unearth) is not necessarily new data, it is just generally more accurate and faster to record,” says Droubay.

Improved speed and accuracy is one reason to employ business intelligence dashboard software. Gaining a greater understanding of how business functions daily is another.

TEAM Software, Omaha, Nebraska, released its executive-level dashboard software in the fall of 2017 to give customers a bird’s eye view of organizational data through visualizations that focus on real-time actionable insights, thus making business decisions easier and less risky. Perhaps most importantly, the data can help to start the process of rectifying issues almost as soon as the software is downloaded.

“The value of a data dashboard is to present the data in a meaningful way that allows the user to take immediate action,” says Brianne Stephan, product manager at TEAM Software. “Resolving issues as soon as they come up is key for contract management and customer satisfaction.”
Of course, it’s even better to solve the issue before it comes up.

“BSCs can use dashboard data to quickly spot job site issues and trends, and respond before a customer complaint comes in,” says Stephan. “Similarly, with inspections, data visualizations and actionable insights, BSCs can discover and better analyze deficiency trends and make adjustments to ensure it doesn’t affect the customer negatively. In general, these sorts of data dashboards enable BSCs to be proactive, efficient and responsive and that always translates to higher customer satisfaction.”

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