It’s not always about how long an employee has been with a company, but instead how valuable they’ve been with their time. Such is the case for Thomas “TJ” Knapp, operations manager for Performance Plus, South Bend, Indiana. While only being with Performance Companies for a little over two years, Knapp’s impact has been significant. 

While highly skilled when it comes to completing custodial tasks, it’s Knapp’s versatility that has made him such a standout performer in such a short amount of time. Not only is he actively involved in customer service and quality assurance, but his duties as operational manager include the supervision and training of custodial teams.  

Managing the evening operations team, Knapp’s leadership qualities were imminent from the onset. 

“He effectively manages a team of janitorial staff, ensuring that all tasks are completed efficiently and to the highest standards. Under his guidance, our department's productivity and morale has significantly improved,” says Amanda Baker, human resource manager for Performance Companies, Inc.  

Not every shift is expected to go smoothly, so when obstacles arise, Knapp can always be counted on to fix any complaint or complete any task on deadline. His ability to learn from experiences allows him to be proactive in the future to avoid future issues, whether it’s assigning workloads, checking in with his team, or keeping tabs on equipment to ensure maintenance and replacement for inventory is done on-time.  

To the admiration of his team and facility occupants, Knapp juggles these responsibilities with a smile and a positive demeanor. Being able to form relationships and learn the expectations for his team is something he both excels at and is inspired to do.  

“TJ consistently goes above and beyond to ensure exceptional customer service. He has a keen understanding of our clients' needs and preferences, and works tirelessly to exceed their expectations,” Baker reflects. “His friendly demeanor, professionalism, and willingness to assist has earned them praise from both clients and colleagues.”