Ronald Campos

In an industry where turnover can be rampant, having a reliable leader can go a long way. Add that dependability to a versatile skillset and it equates to Ronald Campos, operations manager for AK Building Services, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

For eight years and counting, Campos has confidently taken on a wide array of projects and challenges; such as emergency cleanup, supply delivery and special project work. Even on the administrative side, he’s been able to step in and help with inspections and payroll when needed.  

What makes Campos so unique is not just his versatility to do whatever the team needs, but to do so in a matter-of-fact nature. 

“Ronald goes above and beyond, even when it’s outside of his job description,” says Shari Cedar, president, and co-owner of AK Building Services. “For example, one employee was unable to pick up her paycheck, and Ronald insisted on hand-delivering the check to her home instead of the company mailing it. Ronald has also taken the time to explain the process of a paycheck and withholdings to many of our teammates if they have any questions. He always says, ‘We are here to work to get paid — if I can make it easier for someone, I will.’”  

His selflessness extends beyond helping co-workers and into his customer service as well. When tasked with cleaning a facility, he won’t call it quits at the end of a scheduled shift, but instead works until a job is done to its fullest potential and to the specifications of the occupants. He also does a great job of communicating his processes with customers, giving them a clear idea of what a task will require and how long it’s expected to take so nobody is unsatisfied with the work.  

“He recognizes the importance of honesty and telling the customer things they need to know in order for them to be right rather than trying to hide it,” notes Cedar. “Half of the time, people don’t even know if there was an issue because Ronald prides himself in his work. If he needs extra time, he will let the customer know immediately.” 

It’s the kind of work ethic that’s hard to teach, and his enthusiasm is contagious to the rest of his team. In an industry where frontline workers often don’t get the kudos that’s deserved, Campos makes sure the efforts of his teammates don’t go unnoticed. 

“While many may not be excited about the commercial cleaning/janitorial industry, Ronald is the exact opposite — he truly enjoys what he does, making everything shine and helping people,” says Cedar.