Facility services can be bustling, and in areas where every detail matters, there exist unsung heroes whose effort and commitment showcase a special dedication to the work. One such worker is Karina Moreno Colmenares, day-shift supervisor and a beacon of professionalism and integrity at Bravo! Facilities Services. Racking up three years of focused service, Karina has been a great representative for her company.? 

Karina oversees a team of cleaners that follow her lead, ensuring that every corner gleams and every task is performed to high standards. She goes beyond the typical role of supervisor; she also serves as a mentor, training new employees in cleaning procedures to exacting standards. With a keen eye, Karina conducts daily inspections, addressing any deficiencies promptly to uphold a commitment to quality service.? 

“Karina is a pleasure to work with. She is a great asset to our team and the company as a whole,” remarked Ibeth Jones, an executive account manager at JLL/Capital One. Jones has seen the impact Karina has had on the facilities.?? 

Her dedication to excellence truly shines in her enthusiastic work as she tackles various projects, each one a testament to her work ethic. For instance, for the Quarterly Kitchen Deep Clean at West Creek Campus — a project requested by Capital One — Karina spearheads the effort by leading a crew of 10 cleaners, exceeding customer expectations and garnering praise from chefs for a job well done.? 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as businesses prepared to reopen, Karina and her day-shift team worked tirelessly to ensure that Capital One's buildings were not just clean, but safe for associates to return to. Their diligence and dedication played a pivotal role in creating a welcoming and hygienic environment for all.? 

Karina's commitment to excellence extends beyond the routine tasks of her role. During the Capitol One Bathroom Floors Scrub & Seal Project, she and her team completed the task efficiently during regular working hours, resulting in significant savings for the company. This exemplifies Karina's proactive approach and her ability to deliver exceptional results while adhering to budgetary constraints. Karina's performance has not gone unnoticed.?? 

“Throughout her tenure, she has consistently demonstrated above-average knowledge of the cleaning service industry, earning the respect and admiration of her colleagues and superiors alike,” remarked Jones.??