Joyce Close

Over her 19 years with ServiceMaster by Higginbotham’s, there’s certainly been a day or two where Joyce Close came into work shouldering some form of adversity. Yet thanks to an unwavering sense of optimism and passion to help teammates, one would never know it. Starting off as a janitorial cleaner, she now works as a full-time working supervisor for the Westfield, New York-based building service contractor (BSC) — managing a team of her own while simultaneously providing janitorial services to multiple accounts. 

Close takes on all day-to-day responsibilities exceptionally, be it interviewing/hiring new employees or training her team on new cleaning processes. But what sets her apart is her initiative to go the extra mile — and doing so without needing to be prompted. 

“Joyce is always willing to help her follow team members, lending a hand wherever needed,” says Ivelisse Higginbotham, office manager for ServiceMaster by Higginbotham’s. “She always seems to put other's needs before her own.” 

Perhaps no better example of Close’s selflessness was when she provided transportation for one of her co-workers that was undergoing cancer treatments. No matter how demanding her shift may be, it continues to be those kinds of contributions that solidify the tight-knit relationships she has with her crew.  

Close’s mentality extends to customers, as well, and reflects someone who enjoys helping others out of the goodness of her heart. In instances when an occupant is unhappy with something, she makes it a point to interact with them directly to address the problem and make sure it’s resolved.  

No stone goes unturned on Close’s watch — a commitment that was especially appreciated during the peak of the pandemic and still to this day.  

“During the pandemic, she was a frontline worker that never quit. She led her team to make sure all our buildings were cleaned and disinfected to keep everyone safe and healthy,” says Higginbotham. “Our company would not be where it is today without Joyce and her dedication to her job.”