Virtually any top-tier cleaning program centers on the concept of routine: tasks performed to high standards on a regular basis, in defiance of challenging circumstances that may appear, and providing consistent, quality results for the client no matter what. Gina Luna, a cleaning specialist/day porter for System1, Inc., a nationwide facility services company, exemplifies the benefits of developing and maintaining a strong routine. 

Over the course of her 17 remarkable years with the company, she’s become an indispensable member of both her team and the community. Coworkers praise her steadfast commitment to positivity — she shows up each and every day smartly dressed and beaming with a smile that sets the tone for everyone she works with.  

“She always sets an example with her pride and experience, especially when training a new person,” remarks Luna’s area manager, Cherie McGowan. 

Luna’s positive attitude isn’t the only thing that her coworkers and clients benefit from. With her skills in speaking both English and Spanish, she’s become integral to maintaining strong relationships with the facility managers that she works with — she's even been welcomed as a regular attendee at one of the building maintenance meetings for a long-standing client and is often treated as a member of their own team.  

Luna quickly mastered the new JanOps program that System1 implemented and became so well-versed in the details that she can quickly train and onboard new team members, making them feel at home and helping them achieve goals faster and more efficiently. She is especially adept at helping new team members master the finer points of their tasks — building proper cleaning skills and ensuring that all chemicals are safely and efficiently put to good use.  

Her strong communication skills and bilingual approach don’t just help with making team members feel right at home, but often also come in handy when it comes to developing relationships with new clients. Everywhere that Luna works, she quickly becomes a favorite around the building. Her consistent approach to accomplishing the tasks of the day, as well as the inevitable boost to team morale that her reassuring presence provides, make her invaluable to System1.  

McGowan puts it simply, “Gina is a highly regarded team member, of course, but we would like to show her that she’s much more than a frontline worker to us.”