Over his eight-plus years as a full-time custodian for ESFM, Wayne, Pennsylvania, there has yet to be a challenge that Jean Marc LeClair hasn’t taken on with confidence. His primary facility is TD Place, a stadium based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and the day-to-day tasks for LeClair include cleaning locker rooms, dusting and vacuuming — but he’s also shown the capability to take on higher-risk jobs. 

“In addition to his regular duties, Jean Marc stepped up and got some training, which allows him to use a scissor lift and do periodical work,” says David Burkitt, general manager of ESFM. “This gives us more flexibility to execute the work, day-in and day-out.” 

It’s not just his versatility that makes him a standout employee, however. LeClair also embodies the selfless approach that any member of a custodial team would covet. Regardless of what his slated shift is, LeClair will routinely adjust his start times when additional help is needed for event setups, making sure that his fellow custodians aren’t stretched too thin. 

For all he contributes to TD Place and ESFM, his demeanor remains humble-yet-upbeat. LeClair enjoys interacting with others and has established himself as not only a top-tier custodian, but a beloved presence around the stadium. 

“Our client constantly praises Jean Marc for the work he does at the site. We received a lot of positive feedback about his floor care work during the winter to reduce the salt around the building," says Burkitt. “Another client manager noted how friendly Jean Marc is while working around the site, and how great they feel that their workspace is always clean.” 

The elevated expectations for cleaning over the past two years are not lost on LeClair, and he takes pride in making sure all attendees to TD Place feel safe in their environment. With an unyielding drive to master his craft and learn more skills, LeClair’s best days with ESFM are still ahead of him. 

“We see the excellent work; we see the caring; and we see the feedback about him,” Burkitt adds. “He deserves to be recognized.” 

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