Corina Garcia

In her six-plus years with Accurate Building Maintenance, Las Vegas, Corina Garcia’s versatility on the job made her a standout amongst the custodial team. Tasked with maintaining the clubhouse of a local Homeowners Association (HOA), Garcia’s scope of service includes both cleaning and inventory responsibility for the pool, gym, and spa/locker areas.  

Be it cleaning restrooms or restocking supplies, Garcia quickly gained the trust and respect of her team through a keen attention to detail and work ethic, but it’s her social prowess that perhaps is her greatest strength. As noted by Erin Williams, marketing assistant for Accurate Building Maintenance, the company gets at least one email every couple of weeks from residents or management staff at the HOA admiring the professionalism and friendliness of Garcia.  

Among the many compliments Garcia has received from residents include:  

“Corina is such a light in our community! She is always in a positive mood and does an outstanding job taking care of our clubhouse. I’m disabled, and she will always bolt to the door to make sure she opens the door for me when she sees me coming into the clubhouse.” 

“I teach at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and I have used Corina as an example in my college classes of the people you want in your organization. I teach business and marketing courses and discuss how to best build a positive company brand. As you already know, in the service industry, it is all about the people in your organization. Congratulations on having someone like Corina who is building your brand!" 

It’s the extra-mile efforts that made Garcia an easy decision for Accurate Building Maintenance Employee of the Year in 2022. While the hard work of custodians can often go overshadowed, Garcia’s positive and hardworking approach simply cannot go unnoticed.    

“Corina is not only a top-notch cleaning expert, but she also embodies another equally important and highly valuable aspect of the work we do in this industry: hospitality,” says Williams. “She consistently carries out her work with excellence, warmth, and pride —and that inspires and motivates countless others in many arenas on a regular basis.” 

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