Sueann Hawkins
For 10 years, Sueann Hawkins has often put aside her free time in an effort to help her employer, MSNW Group, service its customers the best that it can

Sueann Hawkins has been selected as Contracting Profits' latest "face of the frontline" due to the fantastic work she continues to do in the Tacoma, Washington, area for MSNW Group, LLC, a facilities management and building service contractor that services the Pacific Northwest.

For nearly a decade, Sueann has done everything she can to ensure that MSNW Group's customers are fully satisfied by the work the company does. She completely epitomizes MSNW's motto, "We will get it done," says Christi Bahr, an operations supervisor at MSNW Group.

"We had a large startup this last year for Twinstar and she was right there next to me putting in the extra care to make the building shine for them," says Bahr.

While many employees might not be willing to give up their free time, Sueann has routinely volunteered to stay late or work weekends when MSNW needs her in order to finish the job up to company and customer's standards. When one position isn't filled do to turnover or sickness, Sueann doesn't hesitate to cover a shift.

"She has sacrificed time away from family and friends to stay alongside me to help complete each and every task," says Bahr. "It's like a military line, as you don't leave that one soldier behind."

In addition to sacrificing her time, Sueann has also volunteered the use of her vehicle. When one bad snow storm hit the area, Sueann used her small SUV as a shuttle bus to pick up and drop off her coworkers at their job sites just so the job would get done.

"She's driven and jumps in to help her teammates out," says Bahr.

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