We are very new to doing any social networking and have just recently started using a Facebook company page. So far the information we are sharing is mostly trying to communicate what type of company we are and what services we offer. To do that, we like to show some customer testimonials and post pictures of before and after results if we have them.

Everybody seems to be drawn towards looking at pictures so we try to post as many as we can of some of our best employees working on a special assignment or even having fun at a company picnic. We accompany the pictures with a brief description explaining what it is we’re doing at the time. We also acknowledge a given holiday and send well wishes to employees, customers, family and friends.

John Parrish, President
MasterClean Janitorial
Columbia, S.C.

Midwest Maintenance understands that Facebook and all social media outlets allow us to impact those with whom we connect. Each post we share is made responsibly with the intent to create positive energy that engages people to care, communicate and connect. We share information that we want people to read about, learn about and act on.

While we often share business and industry-related information, we do not limit our posts to only those topics. We drive our social media message by posting a variety of topics throughout each week, including community events, world news, current events, motivational tips, athletic events, non-profit highlights and much more.  

These outlets are great tools that we choose to embrace as we move forward with exciting new goals for our company. I am truly motivated by sharing new information and the knowledge I gain each week while connecting with those in our social media network!

Kate Revollo, Executive Assistant
Midwest Maintenance
Omaha, Neb.

Facebook is an interesting media platform, one that we feel has a large potential to engage our clients and bring in new revenue. We use Facebook to share updates, milestones for our company, photos of new projects, and industry specific and local news.

We communicate with our clients and potential clients with questions and polls. We recently posted pictures of a gym floor we refinished and just from those few pictures we made four new sales to current customers for their gymnasiums.

A lot of people know who we are but they never realize our full capabilities for various services. We refer everyone to our Facebook page so they can see photos of the various services we preform daily. We recently moved our corporate headquarters and off-site warehouses into one facility. We were constantly posting photos and updates to Facebook to keep our clients up-to-date on the progress of our move.

Every once and a while we like to post funny or entertaining photos just to keep people engaged.

Andrew Rosen, VP Sales & Marketing
Commercial Cleaning Corp.
Trenton, N.J.