If I increase my vacuuming, will I be able to decrease the need for deep cleaning? If this is true, how can I convince my customers to pay more for frequent vacuuming and project work, like deep cleaning?

Yes, this is true. Since 80 percent of the dirt in carpet is dry dirt that can be removed by proper vacuuming (not requiring wet removal) the best approach is to vacuum properly and often. A proper interim maintenance program can help reduce the amount of deep restorative cleaning required, while still maintaining the carpet’s appearance longer. — Gareth Mason, President at NaceCare Solutions, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Vacuuming removes the majority of soil that accumulates in a carpet. It is more time-efficient than deep cleaning, and the carpet can be trafficked immediately after vacuuming. It removes the soil components that tend to wear out carpeting by cutting the fibers. But, vacuuming does not remove the sticky, oily soils that can build up and “ugly out” a carpet over time. Therefore, periodic deep cleaning will help maintain a new-looking carpet. Maintaining carpet requires both vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning. Frequency will depend on the traffic and how dusty the environment is. 

It will also depend on your expectation of how long the life of a carpet should be. Carpet can last between two and ten years or more.  And the length of its life largely depends on how it is maintained.

Beyond the life of a carpet, creating a clean, healthy environment and maintaining a clean appearance is a reason for frequent vacuuming and deep cleaning. — Bob Abrams, Group Product Manager at Nilfisk-Advance, Plymouth, Minn.

Increasing your frequency of vacuuming with a brushroll is great for your carpet and will increase the time between deep cleaning. Using a vacuum with a brushroll helps lift dirt and particles out of the fibers that would otherwise wear out the fibers sooner. We always recommend the 80/20 rule: 80 percent vacuuming to 20 percent deep cleaning to maintain your carpet. Deep cleaning can be wet or dry cleaning. — Dalvin Green, Sanitaire Business Development Manager at Sanitaire Electrolux, Peoria, Ill.

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