There is no denying it: Mandatory green cleaning in K-12 schools will one day be the standard. As I write this, only five states require or recommend some form of green cleaning in educational facilities, but another 10 states have proposed bills still pending. In addition, I know of distributors in three states currently working to introduce similar legislation. It’s only a matter of time before all 50 states will force cleaning staffs to use green products.

There is another issue affecting K-12 schools that building service contractors should pay attention to: outsourcing. Many school districts have had to re-evaluate their budgets and investigate outsourcing their cleaning operations because of the recession.

BSCs can use both of these trends to their advantage. As

BSCs can use both green
legislation and outsourcing
to their advantage to land
school contracts
more schools look to contractors as a means of saving money, educate board members about the growing movement to switch to green cleaning. Explain how legislation will most likely be coming to their area and by hiring a contractor proficient in green cleaning, they’ll be ahead of the curve.

If school boards are still on the fence, inform them of the numerous health benefits associated with green cleaning. Studies show that these products reduce student absenteeism and create better learning environments, especially for vulnerable populations, which includes children and those with asthma.