This is the first part of a five-part article on window blinds cleaning.

Many facilities task their building service contractors with cleaning or hiring a subcontractor to clean interior and exterior windowpanes. Windowsills are even dusted regularly as part of a BSC’s contract.

Yet window treatments tend to be an afterthought — at least until they get so dirty they can no longer be ignored. Then they become an opportunity.

According to a recent Contracting Profits survey of BSC customers, two-thirds of facility executives want their contractor to provide window blinds cleaning. That could mean anything from hand washing a building’s venetian blinds to using ultrasonic cleaning technology to restore a set of pleated shades or honeycomb blinds to their previous luster.

Industry members are unsure if window blinds cleaning can be a major profit center for BSCs. If the demand is there, however, it may make sense to offer window blinds cleaning as a specialty service.

“I think if someone were promoting or touting their services and they needed something to differentiate them, I think blinds cleaning would help do that,” says B.J. Mandelstam, an industry consultant with Only Cleaning Matters, based in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

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