This is the second part of a five-part article on window blinds cleaning.

As different window treatments go in and out of style, the need for a window blinds cleaning service has fluctuated, says Mandelstam.

Some facilities have even opted to eliminate blinds as a cost- or resource-saving measure. Smart architects design buildings that require less cleaning, says Bill Griffin, president of Seattle-based Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc. Blinds can often demand extensive cleaning.

“If you put in things that need more maintenance,” he says, “then you’re driving your costs up and you’re using more resources.”

But there are plenty of buildings in every city that still have window blinds, which, sooner or later, must be cleaned. An increased focus on indoor air quality and allergens has only created more demand for the service, says Janelle Bruland, president and CEO of Management Services Northwest, based in Ferndale, Washington. The company lists ultrasonic blinds cleaning as a specialty service for its customers.

Companies specializing in window blinds cleaning are available for hire in most major cities. But, as with many specialty services these days, customers often prefer that window blinds cleaning be done by their current BSCs.

“We’re a full service operation. And I believe that’s been a trend, where building service contractors are offering more services than they used to,” says Bruland. “Clients are looking to consolidate services and have fewer vendors.”

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