Historically, floors made of poured concrete have been restricted to use in areas where durability and low maintenance took priority over aesthetics. That’s why it’s common to see concrete floors in warehouses, manufacturing facilities or big box retail stores.

But, now, thanks to advances in technology, concrete is found in non-traditional environments, such as department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and high-end residences.

Of course, concrete is still very durable. A concrete floor will typically last 10 times longer than other types of flooring.

If building service contractors haven’t already serviced accounts with concrete flooring, they can expect to do so in the future. The good news is caring for these floors is as simple as ever.

Durable Concrete Flooring
The popularity of concrete can be attributed to the fact that it can be aesthetically pleasing, as well as durable. Recent advances in concrete flooring technologies have made it possible to add colored stains and design patterns to the concrete. Concrete walls and counter tops sometimes are chosen in concert with color-stained concrete floors (particularly those that employ patterns or design textures) and are considered avant-garde.

Topical stains are available in a wide variety of colors. One color can be applied uniformly to a floor or multiple colors can be applied. Design patterns are also easy to create. A company logo can be placed in a prominent area of the floor. A family crest can be installed in the foyer. Designs are limited only by the imagination.

Stained concrete is making headway in modern non-traditional structures because it can cover blemishes. Old commercial buildings that have been vacant for many years are redesigned, remodeled and converted to lofts, condominiums, retail space or offices. Distressed wood is most often used as flooring in upper levels but concrete is typically found on the ground level.

Imperfections that exist in decades-old concrete floors such as cracks, divots and stains can effectively be disguised by using the right stain pattern. A matte finish is usually chosen in these cases and compliments the stains blemish hiding ability.

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