The cost, time and recordkeeping required to comply with health, safety and environmental regulations are a common subject of complaints from building service contractors, and a source of letters and phone calls to Contracting Profits. “We’d be more profitable, and better able to serve our customers,” the callers say, “if not for all of these rules. What can we do?”

This fall, we conducted a survey to find out whether these complaints matched reality — is compliance really that big a burden? We found that, while some contractors do feel their regulatory obligations are hurting their businesses more than helping, others see it in a more positive light. Some BSCs even reported that their programs not only keep their workers safe and productive, but help their businesses stand out from competitors.

It’s refreshing, and I should admit, a bit surprising, to see that many BSCs have a positive attitude toward compliance. For the most part, they seem to feel their time and money is well spent.


One final note — this year’s ISSA/INTERCLEAN® show in Las Vegas was a record-setter, with bigger crowds than ever. Check out our photo recap.

Stacie H. Rosenzweig, Editor