What are the pros/cons of using chemical disinfectants vs. disinfecting wipes?

Wipes are designed to disinfect small surfaces or small areas. One wipe should be used for one designated surface area and then discarded to avoid cross-contamination. If a larger area needs to be disinfected, then wipes are at a disadvantage and can become quite costly and wasteful.

Bulk chemical disinfectants can be used for the same purpose but require extra handling because of the dilution factor. However, they are ideal for situations where frequent disinfection is needed or large areas need to be disinfected, such as a wrestling mat. – Jason Welch, Micribiologist, Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., Maumee, Ohio

Liquid disinfectants and disinfectant wipes offer various pros and cons. Generally speaking, for the same brand liquid disinfectants and disinfectant wipes use the same type of active ingredients. However, like any EPA registered product the user must follow label instructions, which may have differences. Liquid disinfectants primary advantage over wipes is the cost. It could be very economical to dilute liquid disinfectant through a dilution system. Disinfecting wipes’ greatest advantages are convenience of use and better likelihood of non-contaminated substrate (wipe vs. rag) if used in single application. – Facilities Supplies, Rochester Midland Corporation, Rochester, New York

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