Arthur C. Barraclough Company Community Service Award 

Among the CLEAN awards, the Arthur C. Barraclough Company Community Service Award stands as a uniquely rewarding recognition — often given to companies that aren’t simply successful in business but make a lasting impact on the community around them. As past recipients have exemplified, commitment to community service starts at the top, but makes a strong impression on employees all the way down the line, and results in a workplace that often features low turnover and long-lasting employees. The winner of the 2022 award is Magic Mist Services, Ltd., a cleaning organization serving Trinidad and Tobago.  

Magic Mist puts a strong emphasis on community service as a tentpole of the organization — where the motto, “Hire good people and make them great,” rings sincere. Their community engagement covers everything from individuals and families in the area to businesses, schools and the environment.  

Nothing they did in 2021 says more about their commitment to community health and safety than their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the availability of vaccinations in Trinidad and Tobago were scarce. Because of this, the government developed a priority system that determined how vaccines would be distributed — and cleaning workers were given exemptions as “Essential Services”, allowing them to continue cleaning operations.  

To stay in operation, Magic Mist championed efforts to ensure their employees and frontline workers were able to get access to vaccines and provide services at hospitals and healthcare facilities. They eventually distributed more than 5,000 vaccines across 10 locations, and in a matter of weeks, vaccinated more than 2,500 employees and family members.  

They also launched a “Thank Your Cleaner Day” promotion, raising awareness of the vital services that frontline workers perform. Their work played a big role in increasing the profile of cleaning companies with the general community.  

Finally, Magic Mist continues to help provide community meals on major holidays. They work closely with schools to improve cleaning efforts and provide recognition for up-and-coming students. Workers also offer free cleaning services to community churches that are trying to provide essential services to locals.  

Magic Mist’s commitment to building up their community, laying the foundation for a bright future, and developing employees on a personal and professional level makes an enormous impact that must be celebrated. 


BSCAI New Member of the Year Award 

BSCAI’s New Member of The Year Award is given to a new member company for its participation in association events, committee involvement, attendance at regional events, participation in certification programs and overall impact on BSCAI. The 2022 winner is JANCO Commercial Cleaning,  

The predecessor to JANCO, Janitex, was founded by Jhovy Meija in 1989 with nothing but $50 in the budget and an upright vacuum. Janitex utilized an honest approach to customer service, gaining trust amongst clients in their Alaskan region to eventually expand to 500 employees and service regions in the continental U.S. In a decision to return to his roots, Meija decided to move back to his Anchorage, Alaska, in 2009 and launch what is the official JANCO brand that stands today. 

In 2020, JANCO officially joined BSCAI after Meija stressed the value of establishing connections in the industry to current CEO Genesis Parr — especially the anticipation of the 2021 return of in-person events.  

“Nothing compares to face-to-face networking opportunities,” says Parr. “While virtual can be convenient, it is not as effective as being able to speak with peers about real-time situations we are all facing. Having the opportunity to be in the same room and engage in the same conversations and education is a game changer, especially when it comes to our industry. We build relationships that can actually scale further than what a Zoom meeting could provide.” 

Aside from the networking, Parr says one of the biggest advantages JANCO has experienced since joining BSCAI was the opportunity to join the National Service Alliance (NSA) — a move that provided significant savings for the company.  

Going forward, Parr says his and JANCO’s plans with the association are just getting started. 

“As the CEO of JANCO, I would like to spend more time getting involved,” he says. “I would love to eventually become part of the Board of Directors, if the opportunity arises.” 


BSCAI Building Service Employee of the Year Award

Each year, BSCAI recognizes a frontline team member who exemplifies the notion of an ideal custodial employee — an honor that goes above and beyond simply rewarding strong job performance. This award celebrates employees whose job performance, civic involvement and family role best exemplify qualities found in superior custodial team members. The 2022 BSCAI Building Service Employee of the Year Award went to Sheila Hamilton, an employee for Cleveland Corporate Cleaning in Richfield, Ohio. 

Hamilton is both a knowledgeable and efficient employee on myriad complex cleaning tasks and projects, but her primary motivator is the relationships she builds during shifts; be it with her fellow teammates or facility occupants. No matter how busy things may get, Hamilton always makes it a priority to make someone’s day, whether it’s surprising a building occupant with a cup of coffee or happily offering to clean an office at the last minute’s notice.  

When reflecting on what fuels her success, she says it comes down to endurance, both physically and mentally. As a mother of six, she’s no stranger to multitasking and overcoming daily challenges. Hamilton recently lost her sister, but her determination never lets it affect the incredible work she does on and off the job. 

“It’s not always easy,” says Hamilton. “However, my colleague and I always keep level heads in any situation. A quitter never wins.” 

Hamilton has her sights set on winning. In fact, looking ahead, she has ambitious goals in sight, including becoming a co-owner of Cleveland Corporate Cleaning. 

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