For many building occupants, janitors are the invisible people who arrive in the evening to tidy up the office before morning rolls around. If janitors happen to be on-site during business hours, they are treated as imperceptible figures cleaning the floors and fixtures in the background. 

Fortunately, this perception is changing. As more facilities turn to day cleaning programs to reduce energy and labor costs, building occupants are able to put a face to the cleaning staff, and subsequently, gain newfound respect for the workers who help keep facilities clean, safe and healthy for tenants and visitors. 

“In nighttime cleaning, most people don’t have an idea who the people are who clean their space,” says Patrick Fragomeni, regional manager at Janitronics Facility Services, in Albany, New York. “They may draw a negative image of who those people are. Once you bring in employees during the day, the occupants are more appreciative.” 

In fact, this building service contractor provides a growing number of cleaning services performed before 5 p.m., even in facilities with extended hours. 

“Many facilities operate in the global economy and collaborate with companies overseas,” requiring them to accommodate the schedules of their foreign partners, Fragomeni explains. “The only negative is it gets a little bit more difficult [to clean] when someone is sitting behind a desk.”

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