Cleaning Service Employees Prefer Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Jennifer Myers founded 3 Broads & A Broom cleaning service four years ago. At first, she and her two partners ran the business out of her home. Within six months, they outgrew a home operation and moved into a 1,000-square-foot facility.

Today, 3 Broads & A Broom cleans about 200 rental units and properties. Half of those are vacation rentals and the other half is a mix of residential, commercial and office buildings. The people of Galveston County, Texas, voted 3 Broads & A Broom the Best Cleaning Service in the area for the last two years running, and the business will soon relocate to a 3,000-square-foot facility to accommodate its now 12-person staff and increased laundering and storage needs.

Myers and her partners have grown their business rapidly by espousing a policy of 100-percent customer satisfaction, welcoming feedback both positive and negative, and forming strong relationships with vacation property managers in Galveston County’s beach areas. This means frequently cleaning up after temporary residents who may not care for their surroundings as carefully as they would their own homes.

“Maintaining clean floors is a major part of getting 100 percent customer satisfaction. Pet hair and sand are always an issue, but especially pet hair,” says Myers. “A regular upright vacuum or broom just won’t do the trick, so we bring the ProTeam backpack vacuums. The Super CoachVac and ProVac FS 6 are wonderful for pet hair.”

Myers’s staff uses the ProTeam backpack vacuums to clean both carpet and hard flooring in full-sized homes and commercial buildings. They previously used standard upright vacuums and brooms, but Myers wasn’t satisfied with the level of cleanliness.

“The return air that blows out of an upright makes more work for you. It’s the same thing with sweeping,” says Myers. “Dust and hair floats up into the air, then, 15 minutes after you vacuum or sweep, it settles, and you have to start over again. The ProTeam backpack vacuums eliminate that, so they save us time.”

The two ProTeam backpack vacuums make cleanup so much easier for Myers’ staff that workers rush to work in the morning in a competition to get there first and claim a backpack for the day. Myers likes that the backpacks’ strong suction cleans well in corners, cracks and along baseboards. She also appreciates how comfortable the units are to wear.

“I have a bad back. Sweeping and mopping are very painful for me,” says Myers. “When I put the backpack vacuum on and adjust the harness correctly, I don’t have any back pain while wearing it.”

It is obvious that Myers has a lot of passion for her business and the quality of her staff’s work. She takes the responsibility of maintaining homes and workplaces very seriously, and she is full of ideas for how to continue improving processes.

“We have a good work ethic and an eye for detail. We do background checks, and we hire only the best. It’s a must to hire the right people and train them well,” says Myers. “People think that cleaning is easy, but it is not. It takes a little bit of skill, a lot of common sense, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.”