Recipients of the cleaning services, like Highland Village, Texas resident Deb Kriemborg, are especially grateful for their work.

Kriemborg was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2011. She says the weight of the diagnosis was more than physical — it was emotional, as well. Cleaning For A Reason alleviated the burden of house cleaning from her shoulders, and from her caregiver-husband, something that was especially important during rounds of chemotherapy.

“You never know what your side effects are going to be,” she says. “It was one of those things where you’re not supposed to be around chemicals, your caregiver has enough on their plate…it was so nice to go to treatment and come home to a clean home.”
Two years later, the cancer is in remission, but Kriemborg has made it her mission to help spread the word about the foundation to other women in need. Sardone and her sponsors are there to help.

“How many times do you get a choice to help someone in your core community?” asks Starhurski. “By partnering with Cleaning For A Reason you get to keep that contribution and that feeling of doing good close to your home, and close to your heart.”
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