Last year for my birthday I got the one item I wanted more than anything else at the time — an iPod. As a music buff, I desperately wanted to be able to house my thousands of songs from CDs and MP3s in one place. But during the past year I have discovered a new function for my iPod and now my songs are forced to share space with a different form of digital media — podcasts.

I have found a podcast for just about every facet of my life — from useful management tips to discussions about the latest Harry Potter book. The best part is, since I never leave the house without my iPod, I can listen to a podcast whenever I have a few minutes to spare.

Here at Contracting Profits, we hope that as building service contractors, you will look to podcasts to learn more about the cleaning industry. That’s why this month we’re debuting CleanTips, a series of podcasts for the cleaning industry, on our CleanLink. The first installment is tied to this month’s cover story on women in the industry and discusses why the work/life balance is different for female business owners than for their male counterparts.

Look for CleanTips to update on a regular basis. And even if you don’t own an iPod, you can still listen to our podcasts from your computer.